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Museums in Shepparton

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 Jun 15th 2018 3:46pm

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Shepparton Art Museum 

Shepparton Art Museum is one of Australia’s leading art museums located in Greater Shepparton and the North Central corridor of Victoria. The museum’s purpose is to present great art to audiences, through the development and care of collections, research, the curation of exhibitions and programs, the growth of digital strategies, and by playing a leading role within a thriving arts and cultural sector in Greater Shepparton.

SAM presents outstanding art in Shepparton, and contributes to the cultural enrichment, community engagement and economic prosperity of the region. 

Shepparton Motor Museum

Shepparton has a long history of driving; it is the home of the original Driver Education Centre Australia (DECA), is a major Australian transport hub carrying the produce of the region throughout the country and has one of Australia’s highest levels of collector car ownership.

The museum is a living collection and is constantly growing to help ensure our motoring history is preserved for future generations. As well as regular exhibitions throughout the year, a new selection from the collection is curated for display four times per year.

The Shepparton Motor Museum and Collectibles is home to up to 100 classic, heritage and muscle cars including motorcycles and vintage bicycles. The vehicles are complemented by a wide range of petrol memorabilia including enamel signs, petrol bowsers, oil cans and bottles and many other items tracing the history of motoring.

Shepparton Heritage Centre Museum

Founded in 1962 as the Shepparton Historical Society, today’s Shepparton Heritage Centre Museum seeks to promote and preserve the past of the city and its surrounding region. Based around Shepparton Public Hall, the oldest standing building built in 1873, the museum consists of four galleries, each named after prominent society members. Wonder through the galleries featuring a wide range of locally donated items including a 16th century baronial chair to an 1860 wedding dress. 

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