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A road trip with the family isn’t without its challenges, and it only takes a sulky mood from one or more of the kids to make a long car journey that much more tiring. If you’re stopping off at our motel Shepparton in the near future, here are a few tips to make your journey a little easier.

Keep Kids Entertained

Providing some backseat entertainment for the kids is pretty essential, and I Spy and other traditional roadside games are only fun for so long. To keep any potential tantrums at bay before you arrive at our accommodation Shepparton, ensure all the kids’ tablets and other digital devices are fully charged, and that there are enough toys, books, games and gadgets to be shared out evenly and prevent fights along the way.

Keep Hunger At Bay

Why pay for overpriced snacks at the motorway services? Ensuring you and the kids have enough drinks and bites to eat to keep you going all the way to our motel Shepparton will cut the cost and time of your journey, although making the kids hyper with too may sweets is probably best avoided!

Use Some Parenting Magic

Whether you plan to discover all the great things to see and do close to our Goulburn Valley accommodation, or are travelling to visit friends and family, reminding everyone why you’re taking your trip and how much fun you’re going to have once you arrive goes a long way to keeping the youngest members of your family happy and patient.

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